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Arabella - Dieter David Scholz, mdr

A stroke of luck: The prima donna assoluta of the house, Leonora del Rio, sings the title role with great vocal culture, with beguiling tones, even quiet tones, with pleasing intelligibility and embodies Arabella with dramatic nobility. 


Joachim Weise †, Online Merker

And again I wasn't disappointed. Because even the delicately dabbed performance song, the heights of which her magically blossoming soprano enjoyed with delight, attracted attention. the audience under its spell. This meant that she was already guaranteed the first half of the rent, the remaining part of which she would pay later in the contract. Performance just as confidently because effortlessly and with the right feeling for dramatic and vocal nuances. An operetta diva of such caliber has probably not been on stage in Chemnitz for a long time. Here, a well-founded technique that can be called up at any time and a timbre of its own charm, backed up by acting nobility, form an extremely satisfying mixture...The final applause left no doubt: the star of the performance was Leonora del Rio!_22200000-0000-0000-0000 -000000000222_

La Voix humaine - Matthias Zwarg, Free Press

...Leonora Weiß - del Rio sings, speaks and plays the woman in all her hopeless despair so forcefully and touchingly that it tears your heart apart...she plays clearly and incredibly multi-faceted.
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