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With Leonora as a teacher, I not only had an impressive role model in terms of singing, but also received an open ear and tips for all the challenges that came my way. She puts in a lot of effort and with her enormous experience from the stage, she helped my voice and my personality grow a lot🙏🏼🤍

Nora, Kronach vocational school for music

During my one year of teaching with her, Leonora enabled me to develop greatly, including my voice, and showed me what I was capable of. I am very grateful for her wealth of experience, her resulting singing advice and her unconditional support.

Mira, Leipzig University of Music and Theater

Leonora knows how to convey the most important basics to the student through her years of experience as a professional singer on stage and her in-depth knowledge of Italian singing technique. Added to this is her warm and spirited nature, which makes the lessons something special.

Natascha, Dortmund Opera

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